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Exotic Pets Wholesale is your source for quality reptiles!
We are a direct importer, exporter, wholesaler and breeder of quality captive bred and field collected reptiles from around the world.

Wholesale reptiles direct!
We have many species of reptiles for sale!

We are open to the public!
Buy direct and $$ave!!

Now offering hedgehogs, sugar gliders and southern flying squirrels.

YES!!! We export world wide!!!
Canada is considered a country of export.
We cannot ship reptiles or feeder items to you without the proper paperwork.

For the safety of our reptiles -
We do not ship in extreme hot or cold temperatures!
We can not guarantee the health of our animals during extreme weather conditions.
FedEx does not guarantee live arrival for death due to extreme temperatures.

Featured Products
 Brazilian Red & White Tarantula, 2
Brazilian Red & White Tarantula, 2" (nhandu chromatus)
EPW Low Price: $49.95
On sale: $40.00 On Sale
 Green Tree Python, Yearling female (morelia viridis)
Green Tree Python, Yearling female (morelia viridis)
EPW Low Price: $300.00
Albino African House Snake, Baby (lamprophis fuliginosus)
Albino African House Snake, Baby (lamprophis fuliginosus)
EPW Low Price: $125.00
On sale: $89.99 On Sale
Central American Boa, Baby
Central American Boa, Baby
EPW Low Price: $49.95
Crested Gecko (rhacodactylus ciliates)
Crested Gecko (rhacodactylus ciliates)
EPW Low Price: $69.95
El Salvador Green Iguana (iguana iguana)
El Salvador Green Iguana (iguana iguana)
EPW Low Price: $15.00

Our shipping days are Monday through Thursday weather permitting.
Some orders may take 24 to 72 hours to process before shipping.
We do not ship during/on national holidays.
Orders placed Friday through Sunday ship the following Monday.
Additionally, we can only ship on days FedEx is running.
See additional terms and conditions below.

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Our listed prices for online purchases are an average between what you may find in a retail pet store and wholesale. We do not guarantee to be the cheapest, but we do guarantee to have the highest quality reptiles for the best possible price. Wholesale customers must have a verified wholesale account to view wholesale pricing and purchase wholesale.

We appreciate your business!

Brazilian Rainbow Boa, Baby (epicrates cenchria) Brazilian Rainbow Boa, Baby (epicrates cenchria)
Pearl Island Boa, Baby (boa constrictor sabogae)
Pastel Ball Python, Baby (python regius)