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Welcome to Exotic Pets Wholesale!

Exotic Pets Wholesale is a family owned and operated company. We started in the hobby in the 80's. By the early 90's we were breeding ball pythons, leopard geckos and colubribs. Our business grew exponentially when a well known "wholesaler" in Pennsylvania closed their doors. Hence the inclusion of "wholesale" into our business name. We have been direct importers, exporters, and breeders of quality reptiles from around the world for several decades. We continue to breed, on a much smaller scale, many tortoise species, ball pythons, colubrids, geckos, chameleons, amphibians, and small exotic animals. We also continue to import and export reptiles to/from select countries. We buy, sell and trade. We are always looking for captive reptiles, invertebrates and exotics. Please contact us if you looking to sell your babies.

We are a breeder and supplier of captive bred, field collected and imported reptiles and exotic small animals. Many species are available seasonally and therefore may go out of stock. We do offer a waitlist; please inquire if you are looking for something not listed. We sell mainly to the pet trade; that is, independent pet stores, wholesalers, and jobbers. You will need an account to view current prices. Quantity discounts, if available, are listed as well; no further discounts are available, as the species may not be available in the quantity you are seeking. 

We pride ourselves in the quality reptiles we breed and sell. We are here to help your business succeed. 

Thank you for stopping by ~ 
Rose & Pat