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Jackson's Chameleon

Exotic Pets Wholesale is the largest breeder and supplier of quality farm bred Jackson's Chameleons in the United States. We pride ourselves in the quality Jackosn's Chameleons we produce.

Jackson's Chameleon Care Sheet
(chameleo jacksonii)
Jackson's Chameleons occur in the cool mountainous regions of Kenya and Tanzania in Africa. There are also established wild populations on the Hawaiian Islands and in parts of California.
Size: Approximately 10 inches
Life Span: Males 8-10 years, Females 3-5 years
Food: Insects such as crickets, roaches, waxworms, mealworms, superworms (dusted with calcium and vitamins).
Habitat: Jackson's Chameleons will thrive in a habit that most closely resembles their natural environment. A planted screen cage with UVA/UVB lighting and a misting system work very well for this species of chameleon, as they enjoy a cooler temperature.
Breeding: Jackson’s Chameleons are easy to breed. It is best to house adult chameleons separately until ready to breed. Once breeding occurs, separate the chameleons. Female Jackson’s Chameleons will give birth to live babies, they do not lay eggs. Babies should be housed in rearing cage with increased humidity and plenty of food items (baby crickets dusted with calcium and vitamins).