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Home > Lizards > Geckos > Electric Blue Gecko

Electric Blue Gecko

Lygodactylus Williamsi 

Size: 6- 10cm (2,5-4”)

Feeding: fruit flies, small crickets (calcium & D3 dusted), phelsuma fruit & honey mixture (mixed fruit, fruit baby food, honey, vitamins)

Environment: Eastern-Tanzania
A vertical orientated tropical terrarium with lots of branches and plants.

Temperature & humidity: 25-29°C/78-85°F and a dry, sunny place for basking. 50–80% RHV (misting provides drinking water)
UV lighting should be provided

Breeding: In a couple of weeks clutches of 2 to 4.eggs get pasted somewhere high in the enclosure. Conditions for the eggs: humid, no direct water on the eggs.
No need for incubation, best to leave the eggs in the enclosure.
The parents are often not so protective of their Young and eggs so cover them with deli cup or something similar. Remove the young when hatched to another enclosure or they will become a snack for the parents.

Young animals need a lot of calcium and UV so provide them powdered fruit flies & pinheads
After 7 months they reach sexual maturity.

Sexing: dominant males have a beautiful blue green color (azure), females are green and look almost gold dusted.
Young males or surpressed males will also be greenish like the females so the best way to sex them is to check for hemipenises bulges and femoral pores.
Males often will have a darker beard as well.

Males are territorial, so keep them separated or keep them in a large enclosure with lots of hiding places to minimize encounters.

It's important to check for mites with these species
So put them in quarantine for a while and threat the for mites if necessary before introducing them to their enclosure.

Scientific chart
Accepted scientific name: Lygodactylus williamsi LOVERIDGE 1952 (accepted name)
Common name: Williams' Dwarf Gecko
Classification: AnimaliaPhylum ChordataClass ReptiliaOrder Squamata Family
Gekkonidae Genus: Lygodactylus
Distribution: Tanzania


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